Case Study

Web Design for Sweet Shop


Web Design for Sweet Shop

Sweet Shops have reached out to us their Catalog website and logo design. As a start-up company, we had to take on board the visions of the client for their branding and company image. We also had to take a very detailed brief of the Ecommerce website design as the client had some very specific requirements.

Madan Ji Halwai is a very big name in Shekhawati region and even some of the US/UAE areas known for their Bhujia. They have a wide range of packaged food packaging items along with a retail shop.

Designing a website for them was something that we loved. We had also done product photography and packaging designing for them. Most of the sweet shop and local businesses don’t even think beyond what can come to them, they always do have the retail mindset, while the Namkin export industry in India is growing so fast. There are brands like Bikaji which have surpassed the revenue of a lot of big companies with help of exports.