Case Study




Hydroflux Singapore’s first very own brand of water purification systems. Hydroflux was created due to the growing awareness of fellow Singaporeans (and people residing in Singapore) that clean and healthy drinking water is a must in order to battle the hazards of modern lifestyles… and to prevent or remedy common illnesses. Hence with this thought in mind, Hydroflux devised a low-budget plan that would enable almost everyone in Singapore to own a good water purification system at home at reasonable and affordable rates. Hydroflux systems are made in Korea by established manufacturers who have been around for over 65 years and are the forefront leaders in the water purification industry.

Building a website for such a big brand has been a pleasure. The website has been a great asset to their success where we have not only to care of their website but we have also taken care of all their media, Facebook promotions, graphics, digital marketing SEO etc.

The website took a lot of thought process and final results are soul satisfying. Hydroflux was so happy and satisfied with their website, they had also done a video recommendation for us.