Case Study




GharBaitheBazar is a Hyperlocal delivery company which deals with mainly Groceries, Cakes and Online food delivery. Developing a website for Hyperlocal grocery delivery business is Challenging yet highly rewarding because it allows you to understand the dynamics of the local market.

While developing a website for hyperlocal delivery business we have to keep a lot in mind which includes the Product addition and better categorization as the website has a damn lot categories in comparison to other niche’s.

During the process, we kept our focus on creating a clean, appealing design. A quality design that is attractive and easy to read with intuitive navigation. Most importantly, our goal with a clean design to helps viewers focus on the value of your brand and content instead of distracting graphics and large amounts of text.

Since it’s all about How was is the stock on the website and How fast someone can buy the product from the website with a minimal number of clicks. We haven’t just built the website, It took a lot of wireframes and rough mockups.