Case Study

Celebrity Chef Melvyn Lee – Jai Jai Takeout


Celebrity Chef Melvyn Lee – Jai Jai Takeout

Every industry has its heroes and celebrities—well, we web designers don’t have anything like the powerhouse, and none of us are naming our kids after directional markers based on the Earth’s magnetic field—what we have are people who are just really good at their jobs.

We are always keen on making connections and hence we found Celebrity Chef Melvyn Lee who is a very well known Celebrity chef in Singapore. He runs Food TV shows and he is very well known. He is also known as Asian Food Soldier. He has multiple shows going on Channel 8.

He has reached out to us by being impressed with our portfolio. He has asked us about our services and we have started this project for him. The website we have designed was for his startup Jai Jai takeout.

He was so happy with the work we had done for him, and he has told us that 10K will be handling all the Graphics and Website design work for him.